I'm just a few days into my trip to Buenos Aires.

  • Initial thoughts are that wheelchair access is hit or miss: sizeable steps into biznesses, no curbcuts on major intersections & lots of curbcuts in some neighborhoods.
  • No curbcuts onto bus boarding areas. Although many busses do have lifts, some don't have lifts or some lifts don't work or some of the drivers don't want to help.
  • We did find an accessible taxi service to get to and from the airport (info@transpdisc.com.ar)--though it was more like a 1975 Chevy stick shift with white leather seats, disco dice and a makeshift metal ramp, ┬áthe nicest, most gentle driver in the world was a priceless find.
  • I'm staying at the Sheraton Convention Center. The wheelchair accessible room has a roll in shower, raised toilet with grab bars, but the buttons to call the elevator are wayyyyy over my head, and there aren't reliable curbcuts around the hotel driveway. All in all, being able to go to the bathroom and shower does make a difference.
  • As with everywhere there are friendly folks offering to help and if one restaurant isn't accessible, the next one down the way will be.
  • A long day of adventuring by bus and foot/wheel, followed by a killer steak and great red wine, ahhhhhh that's what I love about travleing!

Here's some shots of the trip so far & my travel companions Shayla, Scott and Sheryl. More adventures to come.